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Jacob's Journey

From Silence to Self Advocacy

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When Jacob as a young boy from a trauma background came to WSC’s Speech and Language Program he initially communicated primarily through gestures and vocalizations, with only a few functional words like "eat" and "drink."

Emotional and social situations presented him with particularly challenging obstacles. In a collaborative effort with his family and educational institution, an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device was introduced to his daily regimen.

The transformation was extraordinary. Jacob went from isolated vocalizations to constructing full sentences, effectively communicating his needs, wants, and even complex thoughts. Weekly updates from his guardian confirm his newfound ability to advocate for himself in situations that would previously lead to emotional meltdowns.


Academically and socially, Jacob has been thriving, showing an understanding of even complex concepts like humor. This remarkable evolution serves as a vivid testament to the transformative capabilities of the Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) program, emphasizing how targeted intervention and technological tools can turn communication challenges into life-changing opportunities.


Academically and socially,

Jacob has been thriving showing an understanding of even complex concepts like humor.


Clinical Services > SLP Program

Therapeutic options
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Providing a range of therapy programs, including Speech-Language Pathology (SLP), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and Occupational Therapy (OT), for both children and adults. Our flexible care network provides options for in-home, in-clinic, virtual, or hybrid services.

Actual participant name and identity not used to protect the privacy of our clients and families.

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you."
 Walt Whitman

Work Skills Corporation is multifaceted.  From Employment & Training to Home Care, we've been grateful to work with a wide variety of children and adults to overcome barriers.  These success stories demonstrate how WSC has contributed to the success and independence of their clients.

Julie Amman - new.png

Julie Amman

Volunteer of the Year

Julie has been volunteering in Artisan Corner for well over a year. She immediately connected with our participants when she came for a tour.


Julie retired from Livingston County Catholic Charities, home to Special Ministries, so this made total sense – so many familiar faces here at WSC.


Julie loves to provide one on one support to the artisans, and they love working with her. She gently encourages and helps them on challenging projects. She also plays a vital role on our team by organizing supplies and projects, cleaning, and bringing her own kind of sunshine every Thursday afternoon.


Artisan Corner moved into a new twice-the-size space in October 2023 and Julie graciously stepped up to help us make it a smooth transition.


Julie has given us more than the gift of her time; she joined WoW (Women of Work Skills Foundation) in January. Support from WoW members ensures that WSC programs and services will continue to be available for years to come.


Thank you, Julie, for the many ways you support us. We appreciate you and are so pleased to honor you with this award.


Walled Lake Adult Transitions Program

Collaborator of the Year

Since its inception in 2019, the collaboration between Walled Lake Consolidated Schools' W.A.V.E.S program and Work Skills Corporation has delivered outstanding results.


Through our united efforts we have provided students with structured learning experiences, and in the previous year alone, 53 students gained invaluable vocational exposure, both within the school premises and in the broader community, thanks to our various business host sites.


These curated experiences are specifically designed to equip these students with a diverse set of transferable skills, which are essential for their success in both postsecondary education and the professional world.


At the heart of this alliance is our shared belief in the power of collaboration, especially when it comes to delivering top-tier secondary transition services for young adults with disabilities.


Time and again, research has underlined the profound impact of such collaborative efforts on enhancing the postsecondary outcomes for these young individuals.


Mia Brown

Participant of the Year

Mia embarked on a journey in November 2022 with a clear goal in mind: to graduate high school and equip herself with the tools necessary to navigate the world confidently.


She recognized the importance of skills like advocating for herself, understanding others' perspectives, honing her problem-solving abilities, setting boundaries, and identifying negative influences. She did not shy away from the hard work needed to develop these skills, and her unwavering dedication and resilience led her to success.


Work Skills played a crucial role in assisting Mia on her journey, helping her develop skills, set and maintain boundaries and gain the confidence needed to thrive in her personal and professional life.


Mia graduated high school and took on the dual responsibilities of working and going to school, a testament to her exceptional work ethic and determination. She is now pursuing her passion for cosmetology, a career that allows her creativity to shine. Mia is a vibrant and resilient young woman, a shining example of strength, growth, and success.


We are very proud of all that she has accomplished and look forward to partnering with – and celebrating - the next steps of her remarkable journey.

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