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Direct Hire Services

Anyone can read a resume. For us, that’s just the start of the process. Because a candidate is more than the sum of their professional experiences, we evaluate each of our candidates to ensure they don’t just have the know-how for the job, but the soft skills to succeed in your environment. Then we deliver a small, exclusive subset from which to choose. At WSC Staffing, we understand that getting it right isn’t just an important decision, it’s an investment you can’t afford to get wrong.

Whether you need a professional in the field of Human Resources, Sales, Finance, Engineering, Operations or Materials/Logistics positions, our experienced team of recruiting experts is available to provide your company with direct hire services that are sure to meet your company’s unique needs.


Our Process


Our proactive and targeted approach is an open, transparent collaboration that results in the optimal match between candidate and client. Working together, we develop an ideal candidate profile based on your professional and cultural fit requirements. Leveraging our knowledge of the global talent landscape, we map our competitors and other target companies where candidates are located, yielding critical market intelligence. This thorough process results in a short-list of ideally suited candidates in a clearly defined response time.

From screening potential employees to negotiating salary, we do all of the hiring work for you. We arrange interviews and share feedback with your company to find out whether the candidates we have screening really do have what it takes to work for you. References are carefully checked to make sure that candidates are truthful about their experience, expertise and past successes.


Our Team

Our WSC Staffing professionals are well-networked experts, offering personalized service, your executive search recruiter will be your single point of contact, guiding you along our meticulous approach to executive talent acquisition.

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Let’s Work Together

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