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Who We Are

Work Skills Corporation helps to empower and enrich the lives of people with disabilities through employment, education, and art.


Founded in 1973, Work Skills Corporation (WSC) is a Michigan private non-profit 501(c)3 corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. We are CARF accredited and ISO certified.​

Who We Serve

​WSC, headquartered in Brighton, MI, has provided services focused on helping individuals identify, secure and retain employment for more than four decades.  WSC exists to serve people with disabilities and other employment barriers by offering progressive educational and vocational development opportunities based on a person-centered approach. 

Like many nonprofit organizations, WSC began as a grass roots effort by a group of people with the desire to address an unmet need.  In this case, it was a collection of parents concerned about the future of their children, all of whom had disabilities. Unfortunately there was very little vocational training available for students once they graduated high school and virtually no transition planning to assist with becoming productive members of society.  WSC was created with the intent to establish services that would provide a training and employment track leading to competitive employment and address this critical socio-economic life changing period.

Let’s Work Together

100 Summit St. 

Brighton, MI 48116





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