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Work Skills Corporation helps to empower and enrich the lives of people with disabilities through employment, education and art.


All of the WSC ventures have a central focus of encouraging people to change their own situation in life by helping them overcome their barriers to self sufficiency. This approach has been proven to be the most impactful way to improve the quality of life for the people we serve.



Volunteer of the Year

WSC is pleased to honor Bonny Graber as our 2022 Volunteer of the Year.
Bonny started volunteering at Artisan Corner in March of 2021, when we were located at Studio West Gallery. Her calm demeanor and warm smile are the perfect combination, and the artisans welcomed her from the start. She encouraged their creativity, helped them with their projects, and purchased more than a few of their items – for herself and as gifts. Six months later, the classroom and the boutique moved back to WSC headquarters on Summit Street. To say that Bonny was involved in the transition would be an understatement! She helped pack finished paintings, ceramics and jewelry as well as art supplies and materials. There were literally hundreds of boxes. Once everything was moved, Bonny got to work unpacking and organizing things as we settled into our new space. Bonny was onsite several times a week for three or four hours at a time, and became an integral member of our WSC family. Congratulations, Bonny, and THANK YOU!

Collaborator of the Year

WSC is proud to honor Ann Arbor Spark as our Collaborator of the Year. AA Spark collaborates with WSC on multiple fronts focused on providing area employers with resourceful and innovative training and grants to develop and retain critical talent in Livingston County. This past year WSC and Ann Arbor Spark partnered to train 17 employees from four area employers on a fast-track Leadership program developed specifically for our Livingston Manufacturing Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) cohort to work on the skills gap of new leaders. We also worked together to educate employers on resources including grants available to businesses. Thank you to Ann Arbor Spark for partnering so well with WSC to develop and grow businesses in southeast Michigan!

Participant of the Year

Randy Kotarski came to the Artisan Corner Art Program from WSC Home Care in early 2017 with a desire to earn a paycheck using some of his skills and the love he has for art. Randy became a shining light in the art studio, working diligently on his canvases and ceramics that have sold so well. Over the past 5 years, Randy has grown and has become a source of understanding and tolerance for the barriers and difficulties they may be experiencing. Randy’s contribution has informed the program’s ethos of providing skill building and artistic training to artists with barriers in a way that brings forth their authentic, individual talents and styles while introducing them to new techniques. Randy has never hesitated when given an assignment and readily dives into anything the Art Instructor Michelle puts in front of him. “Randy has been an source of inspiration to both the staff and the students over the last 5 years." WSC is honored to be part of Randy’s creative vocational journey and we wish him
continued success!

Student of the Year

Naudia Nobles is known for her infectious smile, humor, and bright personality. She entered WSC Academy as a shy and quiet ninth grader and emerged as a bold and confident 2022 graduate with a big heart and plans to attend college. Naudia was determined to make a positive impact during her years at the Academy and she did. She displayed great leadership abilities through her involvement with school activities. She exhibited unity and collaboration by her ability to co-exist and work with all students at the Academy. Naudia made every effort to set precedent and be a person her peers could look up to. Although she experienced setbacks and hardships, she persevered over every uncertainty and challenge. The staff nominated Naudia as Student of the Year because of her hard work, dedication and perseverance.


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