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“Autism may affect more than one area of your child’s life, so our services are center-based, home-based or a combination. The goal is for your kiddo to be taught skills that optimize their potential as a student, friend, and member of the community.”


At Work Skills Behavioral Services, we strive to create the best fit of services for your child and your family. Our BCBA will sit down to discuss your family needs and priorities and as a team, craft an individualized plan for your child. Our services include assessments, social skills sessions and groups, applied behavior analysis therapy, trauma therapy, speech therapy, and tutoring. Family services include caregiver support and IEP advocacy.



ABA therapy starts with the assessment phase in which the therapist identifies potential reasons why behaviors are occurring.


Our Board Certified Behavioral Analyst develops a Behavior Intervention Plan that includes specific interventions for each target behavior. Interventions can include preventative strategies, changes to the environment and/or teaching replacement behaviors that serve the same function of a disruptive behavior.


During ABA therapy, skills are broken down into small, easy-to-learn steps. Positive reinforcement is used to motivate the individual, and data is continuously collected to measure progress and modify personalized treatment plan. Parent/Guardian training on how to implement the Behavior Intervention Plan at home is another component to success.


We are committed to training that provides parents with resources to help them feel capable and comfortable managing their child’s behavior at home and in the community. Frequent parent meetings with the child’s BCBA are conducted to discuss therapy progress and concerns as well as provide parents with the evidenced based tools they need to practice skills outside of therapy.

*We do not treat a diagnosis; we treat individuals. WSC Behavioral Services is dedicated to providing personalized therapy for kiddos with behavioral, physical, social, communication and sensory challenges. 


Our talented staff offers a variety of backgrounds that allow us to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services. These include Masters and Bachelors degrees and experience in the areas of vocational rehabilitation, psychology, teaching, social work, human resources, business administration, staffing recruitment, service industry and management.


A Medical Diagnosis and orders for ABA therapy are required before forms can be submitted. (M.D. or Ph.D. only) A Medical Diagnosis is a 10-15 page report given to the parent/guardian by the MD or Ph.D. who diagnosed the individual explaining what testing was completed in order to arrive at the diagnosis. ABA Therapy requires a prescription from either an M.D. or Ph.D.


WSC Behavioral Services serves kiddos aged 6-12. We accept private insurance and private pay.

We also take BCBS and Optum/United Healthcare.


Clinical indicators are measures of the process, structure and/or outcomes of patient care. They are used by health systems and services, as well as accreditation and regulatory bodies, to identify areas of concern which might require further review or development.


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