Frequently Asked Questions

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Who needs home health care?
  • Anyone who feels they may benefit from extra support-
    • Whenever a person prefers to stay at home, but needs ongoing care that cannot easily or effectively be provided by family or friends.
    • Home care is appropriate for anyone who feels they need a little extra help around the house to reduce stress and maintain health.
  • Hospital & Surgical Recovery-
    • Home care is appropriate for persons recovering from surgery or who have chronic illness that requires additional care on a temporary basis. Wellness solutions are customized services to care for your mind, body and spirit.
  • New Mothers-
    • New mothers can often use some help in order to get the rest they need after delivery and/or to learn important skills. Our wellness solutions are customized for you and your needs.
Why should I choose WSC Home Care?

WSC Home Care is a division of Work Skills Corporation(WSC), and our mission is to optimize human potential. Our objective is to help people maintain their independence with a focus on their needs. We work around your schedule to provide customer-directed services. Any proceeds that are derived are used to support deserving participants served through WSC.

Does WSC Home Care provide services that can help even with the most basic of activities of daily living for me personally and for keeping up my residence?
We provide all aspects of care from bathing, toileting and transfer assistance; to meal preparation, errands, housekeeping, appointments and companionship. We can help you with whatever is needed to maintain peace of mind and know that your needs will be met.
How quickly can services be provided?
Services can be provided within a 24-hour period, and in most cases, the same day.
How is your staff of caregivers selected?
We do extensive pre-employment screening that includes a thorough criminal background check, verification of all credentials as well as previous employment, complete reference checks, drug screening and motor vehicle record check.
Why should I use WSC Home Care instead of directly hiring a caregiver?

We take the stress out of finding qualified caregivers with our extensive pre-employment screening process, and all our caregivers are bonded and insured for your protection. Hiring friends or family may appear like a logical course of action. Sure it may seem cheaper/easier at first, but the potential pitfalls may arise such as who pays the payroll taxes, what if your caregiver needs to be fired and replaced? What if they get injured, need additional training or could benefit from supervision? What if they go on vacation or get sick? These questions are all easily addressed through WSC Home Care.

What if I have a family member or friend who I would like to assist me but I do not want the responsibility of being an employer?
As long as your family member passes the pre-employment screening process and attends requisite training, we would be happy to hire them at your discretion.
How do you prepare your employees for a new assignment?

All of our caregivers go through an initial training process that covers all aspects of personal care and safety procedures. A care plan is designed to meet the individual needs and wants of each customer, and all caregivers are personally orientated by WSC Home Care staff, and given a copy of that care plan prior to starting to work with a new customer.

What if I don’t connect with your caregiver? Can I ask for someone else?
We understand that not all personalities mesh so we are happy to make changes in caregivers as needed. You choose who comes into your home.
Can I change the schedule if I have appointments?
It is beneficial for us to have as much notice as possible to assist us in our scheduling process. Please give us at least 48 hours notice for cancellation of services due to an appointment, when possible.
Who do you serve?
Adults and seniors with non-medical assistance who needs additional help in maintaining their independence at home long-term or on a temporary basis with activities of daily living.
Can I contract for your services from a remote location as I live in a different city than the person needing care?
Yes, communication can be done via telephone, email, fax and mail, in order to arrange initial services.
Can AHHC help me with medications?
AHHC can assist with reminding individuals to take their medication. Check with AHHC to determine if medication administration is provided in accordance with the customer plan developed for yourself or your loved one.
What are the liability concerns covered by AHHC?
  • AHHC takes care of Social Security, federal & state taxes, unemployment insurance and offering insurance coverage that meets ACA guidelines.
  • AHHC covers workers compensation insurance for caregivers on our payroll
  • Caregivers are bonded and insured.
Are your services available in retirement communities, assisted living facilities or nursing homes?
  • Yes, we often provide services in these communities when the customer feels they need additional assistance that cannot be acquired through the facility in which they live.
  • AHHC covers workers compensation insurance for caregivers on our payroll
  • Caregivers are bonded and insured.
Is there anything else that makes AHHC different from other organizations?
  • AHHC is an experienced division of Work Skills Corporation, a local non-profit organization with a 40+ year history of specializing in vocational training and employment services for people with barriers. Any revenues recognized from AHHC are used to provide services to deserving members of our community.