Women of Work Skills Foundation (WoW)

WoW is the philanthropic arm of the Foundation. It is a group of dynamic women who share our vision and are committed to raising friends and funds for the Foundation so that people with disabilities and other barriers can live fuller lives.

See why we call it WoW?


WoW began in September 2013 with ten charter members and has grown steadily ever since. Each WoW member pledges $1,000 to the Work Skills Foundation annually. Funds are used to expand existing services and develop new ventures that will change the lives of those WSC serves.

The group gets together two times per year for fun and informative meetings and updates on how their gifts have been used. Hearing a WSC participant share his/her personal story is always the highlight of the meeting!

Each member is honored publicly with a bronze block on the Work Skills Foundation Donor Wall, which is on public display at Studio West Gallery.

Individual and corporate memberships are available.

The Top Ten Reasons to join WoW

  1. Change lives
  2. Make your heart happy
  3. Meet individuals whose lives have been changed by WSC
  4. Ensure that WSC can continue to pursue new and innovative programs
  5. Inspire others
  6. Support someone on the path to self-sufficiency
  7. Enjoy a tax deduction
  8. Earn a bronze block on our donor wall
  9. Just TWO fun & interactive meetings/year
  10. Add a few dozen really incredible women to your life

Contact Julie at 810.534.6152 or julies@wskillsfoundation.org to learn more.