About Us

At Action Associates, our mission is simple

“To Optimize Potential”


It’s ingrained in who we are, and it impacts how we interact with our clients and candidates on a daily basis.

Since the beginning of operations in 1990, we have solidified our reputation as a superior full-service staffing provider throughout Michigan and across the United States.

Every day, our team works to find you the best matches for your precise needs. And that doesn’t just include the right skills for the job. We recognize that the intangibles of a candidate, such as real-world experience or the ability to thrive in a specific corporate culture, can have a profound impact on productivity and performance.

When you work with Action Associates, you’re gaining a partner who will help:

  • Lower staffing costs
  • Improve focus on critical tasks
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease turnover


Community Impact

We are more than just a stand-alone staffing company – we are part of Work Skills Corporation (WSC) a community-based 501(c)(3), non-profit. Revenues recognized from Action Associates help support WSC’s employment, education and training services.