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About WSC Academy

WSC Academy is a Tuition-Free, Public Charter School serving students in grades 9-12. Our mission is to provide quality education that inspires every student to achieve the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and achieve academic and personal excellence.

Our school is staffed with certified teachers who provide education that delivers results. At WSC Academy, we understand that not all students are the same and we provide unique learning structures that each student can relate to. We do not lecture our students, we build relationships and trust. We know each student by name, we know their career goals,  and we know their life goals. The classroom sizes at WSC Academy are small and provide one-on-one attention so that our students get the highest quality of education possible.


What Our School Offers

WSC Academy of Ypsilanti is known in the community for its unique education foundation and its passion for connecting with today’s youth. We take great pride in offering our students the best education to prepare them for college, a career, and a better future.

Here are some of the benefits of WSC Academy:

  • Tuition-free

  • Certified teachers

  • Online classes

  • Personal curriculum

  • Blending learning

  • College prep

  • Career readiness

  • Job search assistance

  • Credit recovery

WSC Academy also offers Extended Age Education that allows students up to age 21 to receive High School Diploma.


Ready to Enroll?


Let’s Learn Together

855 Jefferson St. 

Ypsilanti, MI 49197






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