Employment Services


The credentials of WSC staff include masters’ and bachelors’ educational degrees and experience in the areas of vocational rehabilitation, teaching, social work, human resources, business administration, staffing recruitment, psychology, service industry and management. Our staff is well qualified, creative and flexible in their approach to helping people identify realistic options and put together a plan that will lead to employment.

Job Skills Training (JST)

JST is a combination of facility-based and community-based work experience for those entering the workforce with little or no work history and/or change in work skills. Participants have an opportunity to gain skills, explore different jobs and occupations, prior to making decisions about job placement.

Supported Employment (SE)

WSC provides the appropriate level of support for participants to secure and retain employment. Our SE services include direct assistance such as job coaches, assistive technology, specialized job training, and individually tailored supervision. WSC has established diverse work sites with area employers using a combination of job services including:

  • Job analysis for workplace accommodations
  • Onsite job coaching/training
  • Development of natural supports
  • Employee/co-worker training
  • Ongoing training and job support
  • Facilitation of employee/employer contacts


A recovering worker often cannot resume the same type or level of work that he or she performed pre-injury or illness. WSC offers an alternative work solution in our Return-to-Work program designed to allow workers to maximize abilities.

WSC offers Occupational Skills Training in PC Skills utilizing Microsoft Office products and Powered Industrial Truck training. Both of these programs provide certificates upon successful completion.

If you have any questions regarding Employment Services, please feel free to contact us at (810) 534-6127